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Air pollution affects everyone. You can't hide from it, even inside your own home. Our landmark study, AirAdvice State of Our Indoor Air Report 2007, found that 9 out of 10 people are breathing unhealthy air inside their homes. But what is indoor air quality (IAQ) and how do you know if you have a problem?

We understand that you want your home to be safe, clean and comfortable for your family. We realize that you may not even know how indoor air quality (IAQ) can have a major effect on your family's health, comfort, and safety.

Let us help you. We are experts in comfort and indoor air quality. We are committed to helping you create the kind of environment you want inside your home. You can have testing done in your home with the latest technology available. Gain the peace of mind you deserve knowing you are educated about the dangers of indoor air pollution and can take the steps needed to protect your family, their health, and your home environment.


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Keep the air in your house clean and clear. Let the professionals at CK Services maintain your heating and air systems.

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