Heat Pumps

A heat pump is an essential item for many homeowners when the cold weather makes its way into the Birmingham area. The heat pump is responsible for transferring the heat from one point to the next. The pump works by moving thermal energy the opposite direction of spontaneous heat flow. Some units not only provide heat, but also work to cool the home as well. To make the most out of your heating system, an up-to-date, properly working pump is important to own.

The average cost of a new heat pump varies from about $500 to $2000. Many factors influence the cost of your heat pump, including the brand, the place of purchase and its functionality. Always look for a heat pump offering a guarantee or a warranty. A big ticket item such as this should always be accompanied by a nice bit of comfort, and this is what you get with a warranty.

To install a heat pump into a home, expect to incur costs of about $2,000 – $3,000. Again, many factors affect the actual cost of installation. Your heat pump should last about 10 – 15 years with proper maintenance of the unit. At least one time per year, a heating and cooling professional should come in to look at your unit. If repairs are needed, do not delay getting them fixed. Sometimes a repair is possible if caught early enough, and it is far cheaper to repair than to replace.

Whether you’re in need of a new heat pump, installation of a heat pump, repair or maintenance, we’re the name you can trust to provide you with top-quality service time after time. We’ve been serving the Birmingham area for more than 15 years’ now, and we’d love to show you why so many names turn to us for their heat pump needs. Whether you are a residential customer or a commercial customer, we’ll quickly and efficiently handle your heat pump needs. We’ll do it at a cost that will ring music to your ears, and we’ll always have a smile on our face.